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W Cloud Virtual Cloud Servers are high-performance servers, reliable servers designed to help
you scale your business quickly and easily. With industry-leading SLAs and 24×7 Support, Virtual
Cloud Servers powered by Hyper Cloud Converged Infrastructure are a smart choice.

W Cloud Servers are high-performance, reliable servers designed to help you grow and scale your business quickly and easily. With industry-leading SLAs and 24x7x365 support. We also support Enterprise Operating Systems for your business, depending on security, stability and collaboration. Choose from the following flavors of OS to power your systems or let us host your Servers for you.

There are plenty of good reasons, but mainly it makes good business sense. You can call it efficiency, or call it doing more with less. But whichever spin you prefer, W CLOUD lets you focus on what’s important: your business.x

Our High-Performance Virtual Cloud Servers Help You Grow and Optimise Your Business

Cloud computing can be used for almost all types of applications, not just business security. While the idea of cloud computing can sometimes seem hard to grasp, it’s clear that it saves its users money – especially SMBs, including small office/home office as well as large organizations

Five reasons why moving to the cloud will save you money and improve operations: 

1. Pay for what you use  2. Reduce Energy costs  3. Streamlining your workforce 4. Zero upfront costs  5. Resilience without redundancy

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