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As the largest open source company in the world, we believe using an open development model helps create more stable, secure, and innovative technologies. At Red Hat, we’ve spent more than two decades collaborating on community projects and protecting open source licenses so we can continue to develop software that pushes the boundaries of technological ability.

Red Hat Creating better technology with open source

Why Consider Red Hat for your Cloud Initiatives?

Compliance and security
Compliance and security

Red Hat offers the most extensive compliance coverage among kubernetes cloud native platform. It is trusted by government and financial institutions, healthcare providers, and other regulated industries.

Open source
Open source

Red Hat has a robust and expansive set of services for running open source technology stacks, including Linux support, data bases, PaaS and Kubernetes. Openshift is the most deployed platform

Windows server
LINUX server

Red Hat offers flexible and cost-effective ways to run Linux Server applications in the cloud. You can build and deploy new Linux VMs or add hybrid capabilities to on-premises datacenters.